Okendo Reviews Explore


This explore allows you to deep-dive into the data extracted by our Okendo integration. You can slice and dice review data by time, products, and reviewers.


Growth accounts

If you have a Growth account, you just need to set up the Okendo integration and trigger a history load. Once you do this, you will see the Okendo Reviews explore in your explore list:

Enterprise accounts

If you have an Enterprise account, please reach out to support@daasity.com to help you set up the explore.

Or, if you are using our Hub & Spoke Looker setup, you can simply add the following line of code to your addons.lkml file:

include: "//base_daasity/**/integration/okendo/*"

Once enabled, it will be available in the explore menu alongside other Daasity explores:

Explore contents

The Products view contains product details for reviewed products. These details represent the latest values from your Shopify store.

Note: We are unable to join in your SKU Attributes or SKU Hierarchy details in this explore because we do not get SKU-level identifiers in the raw Okendo data.

The Reviews view contains review information provided by Okendo.

For more information about specific fields, hover over the field and click the i icon:

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