Source to Final Destination

These diagrams help illustrate how data flows from source to final destination tables and Looker views with oru transformation code.

Channel Mapping BSD β€” The channel mapping BSD impacts all channel-related explores including Order & Order Line Revenue, Transactional Sales Explore, and the Marketing Explore.

SKU, Shipping, and Fulfillment Cost β€” Getting accurate SKU Cost, Shipping Cost, and Fulfillment Cost in your data model is key to understanding gross margin at an order and unit level and truly understanding the profitability of your business. The diagram shows how we pull in cost data from different sources and where it ends up in your data model.

Marketing Integrations β€” Daasity's marketing extractors, Marketing Spend BSD sheet and transformation code combines all of the spend and performance data from your marketing channels into a single data model. This allows our merchants to analyze their marketing spend performance in a single channel or across their entire organization, giving them a more accurate view into ROAS, CAC and CPO and leading to data-driven decisions.

Amazon Seller Central β€” Data from Amazon Seller Central flows through to order and revenue explores, inventory explores, and marketing explores.

Shopify + Amazon Customers β€” Customer data typically comes from either Shopify or Amazon. We ingest this customer data into a single table and then use our householding transformation to match up customers from different stores or platforms based on several variables. At the end of our process your customer data can be explored in the Order & Order Line Revenue explore, the Transactional Sales Explore, all LTV explores, and a separate Customer Details Explore.

Shopify + Amazon Product β€” Daasity's BSD sheets and transformation code helps to turn even the messiest of SKU setups into a well structured SKU / product / category mapping. The diagram below outlines the process that takes SKUs and Products from order sources and outputs a structured SKU setup to your Explores.

Shopify + Amazon Inventory β€” This diagram outlines how data flows from inventory ingestion via Shopify or Amazon to your explores. The Current Inventory Levels Explore is the endpoint for all inventory data.

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