Channel Attribution Data Mart

This page provides a detailed description of the Channel Attribution Data Mart (dm_chn) within the Daasity Data Model and defines each table in this schema


The channel attribution data mart [dm_chn] is designed to allow merchants to leverage our Unified Traffic Schema (UTS) and the Attribution Settings in our Daasity app to develop your own attribution model to understand the purchase path for customers and what channels customers interacted with to make a purchase

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Click on this link to view the ERD for the Channel Attribution Data Mart [dm_chn] illustrating the different tables and keys to join across tables.

Tables & Source Code

There are two core tables in the [dm_chn] schema:

  • [dm_chn.dim_order_attribution_detail] - this table contains a record for each order and attribution method and will have multiple rows per order. This design makes it easy to add additional model types to the data model and then rank the attribution type in order to generate an overall attribution.

  • [dm_chn.dim_order_attribution] - this table contains a single record for each order and transposes the [dm_chn.dim_order_attribution_detail] table into a flat table. This table is optimized for reporting and is the source for the Order Channel View

Users with access to our Code Repository feature can review our code in the following Github repository:

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