Audiences Overview

This page provides an overview of the Daasity Audiences (Reverse ETL) product and some examples of how to use Audiences to improve your acquisition and retention efforts


Daasity Audiences allows you to push customer data from your data warehouse into a number of different SaaS and social media platforms. Daasity Audiences β€” a Reverse ETL tool β€” is built to help you take data from a variety of different data sources and update your SaaS platforms with additional customer data, build custom segments in your SaaS platforms, or trigger events. It is the perfect solution to help you use all your data to drive better customer communication and engagement.

You can select from our pre-built customer segments, build your own customer segments through reports, or just enter a custom SQL query to send data to all the different Targets that Daasity supports.

Watch the following video to get a quick overview of Daasity Audiences


To access Audiences you just need to navigate to the Audiences section where the Targets page will help you setup your Audiences (Reverse ETL).

Understanding Audiences and Targets

The Daasity Audiences feature is comprised of two parts: targets and audiences.

The audience is a list of customers generated from your data warehouse based on criteria you specify. You can use a Looker report or a custom SQL query to generate the list.

The target is the destination where you will push customer data β€” which marketing platform and what type of marketing to trigger. Learn more about the targets in our Targets Overview article.

You will define the audience within the target that you create.

Audiences Types

There are two ways in which you can build audiences: via our Pre-Built Customer Segments or to build yourself via Custom Reports or SQL Queries.

Pre-Built Customer Segments

Daasity offers a number of pre-built customer segments that you can use to improve acquisition and retention efforts by using these segments in your marketing tools.

For example, high-value customers (HVCs) are the bread and butter of all our businesses. They are extremely valuable because they purchase frequently and drive a significant portion of our revenue. Targeting customers that are HVCs but have gone more than 90 days since their last purchase is often an indicator that an HVC no longer wants or likes your product(s). Re-engaging this type of customer is critical.

Using one of our pre-built segments, you can identify which customers were HVCs a week ago but as of today have gone more than 90 days since purchasing. This is a great group of customers to engage using our Klaviyo or Attentive Event Target, as you can put them into a flow that sends out a series of personalized messages that encourage that customer to buy again.

Custom Report or SQL Query

Daasity also enables you to build your own segments leveraging custom reports in Looker or by adding your own SQL code.

For example, getting customer reviews are an important part of your business, as they help validate your product and company to potential new customers, especially when you have subscription products.

Building a custom report and using that as the source for your audience or entering a SQL query into the UI enables you to create a segment of customers that, for example, have 1) just made their third purchase on Shopify, 2) are a Recharge subscriber, and 3) have not left a review on Yotpo.

The sky is the limit for the custom segments you can build with Daasity Audiences.

Check out our Building Audiences article for more details.

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