Introduction to Notifications

This page provides an overview of our Notifications feature that is part of the Daasity Data Orchestration


The overall goal of Notifications is to provide a mechanism to inform you of any extraction and / or transformation errors that have occurred alerting you of fixes that need to be made in order to ensure your workflows will complete

Types of Notifications & What To Do About Them

Authorization failure

What does it mean?

When trying to extract new data, we ran into an issue with the authorization used to set up the integration, e.g.: If the user who initially authorized the Google Ads integration loses access to Google Ads, we will get an authorization failure.

What effect does this error have?

You daily workflow will continue, but new data will not be extracted for the integration that encountered the error.

Do I need to take action?

Yes. Please re-authorize the integration that encountered the error. If you need the data to be refreshed that same day, you should also re-kick off the daily workflow. Otherwise, data will be refreshed the next day.

Transformation failure

What does it mean?

We ran into an error when running the SQL transformation scripts in your daily workflow.

What effect does this error have?

Your daily workflow will be paused, and your reports will likely be delayed.

Do I need to take action?

You only need to take action if (1) you don't have Managed Services and (2) the transformation failure was caused by a custom SQL script. Otherwise, our support team will work to resolve the issue and continue your workflow.

History workflow failure

What does it mean?

We ran into an issue when trying to load history for one of your integrations. This may be caused by an authorization issue or a problem with the API.

What effect does this error have?

The history load will not exract and load data for the full date range requested.

Do I need to take action?

If you run into this issue, please email to identify the best way to resolve this issue.

Notification Delivery

You will be able to receive notifications via these two methods:

  • Within the Daasity App

  • Via email if you have opted into receiving emails

Notification Behavior

Notifications are just that... messages to indicate errors or unexpected results. A notification does not fix or resolve the error. Notifications are used to direct you to the error: e.g. a failed script execution or the integration with an authentication issue. However, you must still take action to correct the error. Once corrected, it is recommended that you "solve" the notification, to indicate that the issue has been corrected.

Authorization Failures

Authorization errors will be triggered each day while the integration is in the failed / not authorized state. This is by design as its important to let the users know they are not getting data. Not all integrations support the authorization failure notification.

A full list of the integrations with Authorization notifications can be found in the Authorization List

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