Targets Overview

This page provides an overview of how Targets (Reverse ETL) work in the Daasity App


You use Targets to define both (1) which platforms to push audience data to and (2) what audience data will be pushed. Where the data is pushed is defined by an endpoint that Daasity uses and what data will be pushed is defined by the audience (segment). The combination of the two (an endpoint and an audience) creates a Target.

In the Daasity platform you will choose the endpoint first in our "New Target" page, and then you will define the data that you are pushing into the marketing platform via the endpoint.


From the left nav bar select "Targets" under Audiences to get to the Audiences home page which will enable you to:

  1. See what Targets are currently active (Activated Targets)

  2. Create New Targets (New Target)

  3. See how many records have been processed (Utilization Report)

Activated Targets

Clicking on any of the Activated Targets will allow you to see more detail on the specific Target including information on:

  • When did the target last run

  • When will the target next run

  • How is the segment for the target defined

  • How many records have been pushed by the target

New Target

Clicking on the New Target in the top right will take you the New Audience Target page where you will be able to select the Target you want to use to push data into your marketing platform:

Some marketing platforms have more than one target as they allow you to push data into different parts of their platform. This allows you to action on the data in different ways.

Ex: Klaviyo Profiles should be used when you want to segment profiles in Klaviyo for campaigns. Klaviyo Events should be used when you want to add an event to a profile and trigger a flow.

See the platform-specific articles for more details on setting up targets:

Utilization Report

The Utilization report shows you the volume of data that you have processed and pushed into your marketing platforms.

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