👋 Daasity Overview

The Daasity platform gives you all the tools you need to manage your entire data pipeline in one place.

Extract & Load 🔌

Extract and load data into your data warehouse from dozens of sources using our pre-built integrations:

-> Learn more about extracting data with Daasity

Transform 🔀

Transform your raw data into useful analytical models with Daasity.

You can run custom transform code written by your team, or leverage the hundreds of the pre-built transforms scripts that power the Daasity data model. This gives your team a huge head start on building ecommerce-focused analytical models.

-> Learn more about transforming data with Daasity

Orchestrate 🎵

Orchestrate your ELT processes with workflows that coordinate all of your data extractions and transformations. You will use workflows to schedule how often specific integrations should extract data and which transformation scripts should kick off once data has been loaded.

-> Learn more about workflows

Operationalize 👥

Operationalize your data with our Audiences feature, which allows you to push data back into your marketing platforms so that you can target the customers that matter most.

-> Learn more about audiences

Platform overview

This video will give you a quick walkthrough of our platform:

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