Unified Notification Schema (UNS)

This page provides information on the transform code block that is needed to populate the Unified Notification Schema (UNS) and should be added to a Script Manifest file in order to execute the code


Upstream Data Mart Dependencies

There are no Data Marts that need to be updated prior to UNS

The proper sequence of either a Workflow or position in a Script Manifest file to populate this Data Mart is highlighted in the Transform Code Sequence - Data Mart page

Script Manifest File (YML)

Transformation Code Requirements

Transformation code should be added to the UNS block below depending on the integration. Instructions on what code to add for each integration is available in the following sections:

  • Attentive Mobile

  • Iterable

  • Ometria

  • Retention Science

  • Sailthru

  • Sailthru Mobile

There is no additional code for UNS and thus the code block should be configured as follows:

  # SECTION: 1000_UNS
  # DEPENDENCIES: Email / SMS Integrations
  #   - Integration: Attentive Mobile
  #   - Integration: Iterable
  #   - Integration: Klaviyo
  #   - Integration: Ometria
  #   - Integration: Retention Science
  #   - Integration: Sailthru
  #   - Integration: Sailthru Mobile
  # PURPOSE: These SQL scripts transform data from the source schema into the UNS schema.  The code should be enabled
  # when the integration has been added

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