Transform Code Sequence - DRP

This page provides details on how to sequence the different SQL code blocks that generate the Data Reporting Platform (DRP) schema


The Data Reporting Platform [drp] is the initial Data Mart model designed by Daasity and is the schema that contains all of the reporting and analysis tables that are derived from the different Unified Schemas. More information on the tables in this schema can be found on our Data Reporting Platform Data Mart Model page

Script Manifest File Sequence

When developing a script manifest file to generate the tables in the [drp] schema, the relevant code for each SQL code block must be ordered in the following sequence. This sequence ensures that the code will execute in the proper order and that all of the [drp] tables will be populated as expected.

You should setup your script manifest file in this sequence and reference each of the pages in the Transform Code section that provide details on implementation.

This schema will be deprecated over the coming year and tables will be moved to separate Data Marts allowing for better leverage of the Daasity Data Orchestration engine

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