SKU Hierarchy

Build a SKU hierarchy matrix to analyze SKUs based on Attributes such as Category, Size, Material, Color and Collection. Leverage this to analyze your SKUs performance based on these attributes.

You can leverage the SKU Hierarchy sheet to analyze your data based on your chosen Attributes. For Example:

What size shoe is our best selling?

Which Flavor is most often bought on a first orders?

Did our new Fall Collection sell better than our Winter Collection?

Which color shirt is preferred by our high-value customers?

Did our Glass picture frame outsell our Acrylic picture frame last month?

These attributes are often omitted or condensed into one field when SKUs are entered into yoru Ecommerce platform, such as Shopify.

To analyze the data via your Ecommerce store is a tedious manual process. You can input your attributes in the SKU Hierarchy Sheet and build reports in Daasity using this data.

Adding SKU Attributes

Edit the Green Column Headers with your SKU Attributes and add your SKUs in the SKU Column

NOTE: The Maximum Number of Attributes is 10

Where to Find Your Data

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