Revenue Plan

The Revenue Plan tab is used to input your Projected Sales, Orders, Units, Sessions and New Customers, to compare against the Actuals in Daasity.

Contact if you do Not have access to your BSD Sheet

Access Your Revenue Plan

You can Bookmark your BSD url to access it anytime in your Browser

Complete Your Revenue Plan

Follow the instructions below for each field. Do NOT add or delete columns. Do Not leave a row incomplete (All required fields must be filled in for a row).

Plan Format

If you choose Day - You must enter Every Day of the Month in the Date column

If you choose Month - You can NOT enter a specific Daily Plan for that Month


'Other' connects to the Other Order Source tab in the BSD sheet


If you chose Month format - Enter the First Day of the Month (Daasity will divide this by the number of Days in that Month when comparing Daily Metrics)

If you chose Day format - Enter Every day of the month in the column






Where to Find Your Data

Daily Flash vs. Plan Dashboard

Daily Plan to Actual Explore

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