Explore Overview

You can use Explores to build reports in Daasity. It is important to note which Explore you are using for the kind of Report you are building

An Explore is a Data Set containing Dimensions (Fields such as Product Name, Customer Address, SKU, Marketing Channel etc.) and Measures (calcuations such as Net Sales, Total Orders, Average Order Value, Conversions, etc.)

Daasity combines the data from your Integrations and your Brand Supplied Data into Explores so you can build reports.

Some Integrations Populate an Explore used to build custom reports

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How to choose the Correct Explore

Explores are grouped together based on the Subject Area, i.e., Marketing, Customers, Orders, Traffic, and by the type of information contained within them.

Q: Why isn't all the data related to a particular topic housed in the same explore?

A: Not all data is created equal. Some data or sources cannot be joined to others, and some elements would cause issues like duplicate data. To avoid those types of issues, we've separated them for you.

Identify the Subject Area

For Example

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