The Flash Dashboards provide a snapshot of The Daasity E-Commerce 6-Pack" metrics. Traffic, Conversions, Orders, AOV, Gross Sales and Vendor Reported ROAS.

The Daily Flash, Weekly Flash and Daily Flash vs. Plan Dashboard show the same Data The differences between the Dashboards Are the Comparative Periods.

Daasity uses the 4-5-4 Retail Calendare to Compare Dates. Please See This Article For a Deeper Dive into the Retail Calendar

Each of the Three Flashes (Daily, Weekly and Daily Flash vs. Plan) Have Default Filters set to include ALL Store Integrations combined (Shopify Store(s), Amazon Seller Central Store(s) BigCommerce Stores(s) etc.

The Daily Flash vs. Plan Uses the Revenue Plan Sheet in Your Brand Supplied Data (BSD) Sheet to compare your Actual Metrics vs. Your Plan

The Daily Flash and Daily Flash vs. Plan Dashboards Have a Store Type and Store Integration Name Filter - You can use this to toggle between Stores.

The Weekly Flash uses a Traffic, Order, Revenue Filter to toggle between Stores.

When you Toggle the Dashboard Filters the Data on the Dashboards will update after you click the Refresh Button.

Filters will return to their Default Settings once you leave the Dashboard and return. To Permanently Change the Dashboard Filter Settings Please See this Page in our Help Center.

The Hourly Flash is the ONLY Dashboard in Daasity that will provide Hourly Reporting. All other Data in Daasity is LAST COMPLETE DAY DATA - Which refreshes once every night. The Refresh is synced with the specified timezone of your Daasity Platform.

The Hourly Flash Dashboard is ONLY available for Shopify Data.

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