Okendo Reviews


This dashboard helps you get a full view of your Okendo Reviews data, from a high-level summary down to individual details of recent reviews.

Review Summary β€” Use this section to get a broad overview of how customers are responding to your products.

Reviews by Product β€” See which products are getting the most reviews and how they stack up side by side. Click on any Product Name value in this table to quickly filter the entire dashboard for that specific product.

Reviews Over Time β€” Understand how your top-level reviews numbers have been trending.

Review Details β€” See the specifics for your recent reviews. Use cross-filtering in this dashboard to bring up reviews for a specific product or rating range; All you have to do is click on a value in any other table to filter the reviews.

Tip: Try cross-filtering with this dashboard! πŸ’‘

This dashboard has cross-filtering enabled, which means you can click on a dimension in any table and the rest of the dashboard will automatically be filtered to show only results for that dimension value.

For example, if you click on a specific Product Name in the Reviews by Product table, a filter will be added to the dashboard so that all of the other data in the dashboard will reflect values for that specific product.

This is useful for pulling up individual reviews for a specific product or seeing the average rating and review count trend for a specific product.


Growth accounts

If you have a Growth account, you just need to set up the Okendo integration and trigger a history load. Once you do this, you will see the Okendo Reviews dashboard in your dashboard list.

Enterprise accounts

If you have an Enterprise account, please reach out to support@daasity.com to help you set up the explore. Or, if you are using our Hub & Spoke Looker setup, you can simply add the following line of code to your addons.lkml file:

include: "//base_daasity/**/integration/okendo/*"

Once enabled, just search for "Okendo Reviews" using the search bar.

Important things to know

Approved reviews only are displayed by default

Unless you toggle the Review Status filter at the top of the dashboard, it will reflect data only for approved reviews:

Product reviews vs. site reviews

Customers can leave a review on a specific product or a general review about your site/brand. Both types of reviews are available in your Okendo data, but our dashboard defaults to showing only product reviews. You can adjust that using the filter at the top of the dashboard:

Please note that all site reviews will have null values for product information.

Product attributes reflect Shopify values

The Product Name, Product Tags, and Product Type dimensions all reflect the latest values for that product from Shopify. If you want to use the product name straight from Okendo, you can modify the visualizations to use the Okendo Product Name dimension instead.

The dashboard does not contain any dimensions from SKU Attributes or SKU Hierarchy because we do not get SKU-level identifiers in the raw Okendo data, which would be required to bring in this data.

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