Repurchase Rate Dashboard (beta) - 2024.02.13

What's new?

We're releasing an upgraded version of our Repurchase Rate dashboard that is more flexible and allows for deeper analysis of how your customers are repurchasing specific products in your catalog.

We are marking this as "beta" while we let users kick the tires and identify any room for improvement.

When will this be available?

The beta is currently available to all users.

How do I get it?

Growth users will have this dashboard available in their dashboard list by default:

Enterprise users can reach out to to have this dashboard enabled.

How is this better than the old dashboard?

  • The new dashboard lets you filter to see repurchase rates for specific time periods. The old version only gave you "all-time" metrics.

  • You can now analyze repurchase rates by product name, variant name, product type, or any of the dimensions from SKU Hierarchy. The old version only let you analyze repurchase rates at the SKU level.

  • The new dashboard introduces new metrics like β€œ90-day repurchase rates” to answer what % of customers repurchased within a certain timeframe of their initial purchase.

  • The new dashboard adds filters for returned orders, canceled orders, and subscription orders. The old dashboard included all of these, with no way to change that.

Learn more

Check out the Product Repurchase Rates (Beta) dashboard docs for more details.

If you have any feedback on this dashboard, please email

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