New Customer Attribution Dimensions - 2023.11.12

What's new?

We're rolling out a handful of new customer-level marketing attribution dimensions to help you better segment your customers and understand the value of your marketing efforts.

These dimensions will allow you to segment order, LTV, and repurchase data (or any other data where a customer ID is available) by attribution info for the customer's first, second, or last order.

These new attribution dimensions will show up in your Looker reports under the Customer RFM & First/Second/Last Order view, and will give you the following details:

  • (New) Survey-Based channel & vendor for the customer's first/second/last order

  • (New) Survey-Based response (the verbatim response entered into the Fairing post-purchase survey) for the customer's first/second/last order

  • (New) Discount-Code channel & vendor for the customer's first/second/last order

  • (New) Last Ad Click channel & vendor for the customer's first/second/last order

  • (New) Last Marketing Click channel & vendor for the customer's first/second/last order

  • (New) Custom Attribution channel & vendor for the customer's first/second/last order

  • Last click channel & vendor for the customer's first/second/last order

  • First click channel & vendor for the customer's first/second/last order

Get help understanding these attribution dimensions

For help understanding how these different attribution dimensions work, please click the links above our check out our new Marketing Attribution Overview article!

When will these be available?

If you're on Growth, you will already have access to these dimensions, and your LTV & RFM dashboard has been updated to use these new dimensions.

If you're on Enterprise, the changes will be rolled out by early November. Our support team will be (1) adding scripts to your daily_incremental.yml file to build the new table required for this feature and (2) modifying your Looker code to make these new dimensions available for analyses.

Technical details

Transform code updates

These new dimensions will be created in a new table called dm_cust.dim_customers. This table combines information from drp.order_status and dm_chn.dim_order_attribution to deduce attribution information for each customer's first, second, and last order.

For this code to run, you must have the following:

  • Attribution 2.0 scripts (these are the scripts that build the dm_chn.dim_order_attribution table

  • An active Shopify or BigCommerce integration

  • An active Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4 via API, or Google Analytics 4 via BigQuery integration

If you are an Enterprise merchant with access to the Daasity shared code repository, you can see the script that creates the dm_cust.dim_customers table here.

Looker updates

1. Addition of the dim_customer.view file

A new view will be created to expose the new dimensions from the dm_cust.dim_customers table. When joining this view in the explores, it will use the same Customer RFM & First/Second/Last Order label as the old customer attribution dimensions so that the dimensions will live in the same area of the field picker.

All of the attribution dimensions will be organized under groups like First Order: Attribution:

2. Hiding old customer attribution dimensions

We will be hiding the old first/second/last order attribution dimensions in the customer_profiles.view file. This ensures that any existing reporting built with these dimensions will not break. The fields being hidden are:

  • first_order_attribution_channel

  • first_order_attribution_vendor

  • first_order_fc_channel

  • first_order_fc_vendor

  • first_order_lc_channel

  • first_order_lc_vendor

  • last_order_attribution_channel

  • last_order_attribution_vendor

  • last_order_fc_channel

  • last_order_fc_vendor

  • last_order_lc_channel

  • last_order_lc_vendor

  • second_order_attribution_channel

  • second_order_attribution_vendor

  • second_order_fc_channel

  • second_order_fc_vendor

  • second_order_lc_channel

  • second_order_fc_vendor

3. Add join for new dim_customer view to appropriate explores

Thew new view will be added to the following explores:

  • Customer Flags & Info

  • Dynamic LTV

  • Lifetime Value First Order SKU

  • LTV Time Series

  • Order & Order Line Revenue

  • Product Affinity

  • Transactional Sales Report

4. Updating dashboards (Hub & Spoke merchants only)

If you are using the Hub & Spoke Enterprise Looker setup, the following Base Daasity LookML dashboards will be updated to use the new dim_customer first/second/last order attribution dimensions rather than the old customer_profiles dimensions:

  • LTV & RFM

  • Marketing

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