SPINS Refresh Process

How to manage your SPINS data refresh so that your reports have the latest data available.


  • Refresh Cadence: SPINS data is refreshed every 4 weeks, or 13x per year. Go to the SPINS Update Calendar

  • Files Required: SPINS Extracts

    • Latest Periods

    • Week-by-Week

    • Quad Weeks (optional)

Update Process:

  1. Go to Saved Extracts

  2. Refresh each extract using the Refresh List button

  3. Pull the data, and upload via the Daasity integration UI

    1. LP

    2. WxW

    3. Quads (Optional)

  4. Once the extracts have completed refreshing, click download on each extract

  5. Use the Daasity SPINS Integration UI to upload your files. Please allow a couple of hours for data processing, as these can be very large files.

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