Transformation Configuration Setup

This pages provides instructions on what transform code should be added to a script manifest file to transform Rockerbox data into the Unified Marketing Schema (UMS)


The Rockerbox extractor provides data on marketing spend and performance from impressions through vendor attributed revenue and orders. The Daasity transformation code maps data from the Rockerbox schema into the Unified Marketing Schema (UMS)

Feature Dependencies

You must have enabled our Code Repository feature in order to both access the Daasity transformation code as well as modify a Script Manifest File enabling this code to execute

We recommend you review the Transformation Configuration section of our Help documentation to familiarize yourself with our workflow engine and script manifest files.

Script Manifest File (YML)

Upstream Transformation Dependencies

This code is dependent on the following integration being installed:

  • Rockerbox

This code block is dependent on the following upstream code blocks being implemented:

Transformation Code Requirements

To enable the data transformation from the Rockerbox schema into UMS, the following code must be run in a workflow:

      - rockerbox
      - "github://platform-sql-shared/scripts/pro/1500_ums/1555_UMS_BAS_rockerbox_spend.sql"

UMS Master Spend

The following code will transform the specific Pepperjam spend into the [ums.master_spend] table:

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