Integration Setup

To connect KWI please follow the steps below

You will need to contact your KWI Representative and request an ongoing SFTP Export of your data. They will provide you will several pieces of information:

  • Host for an SFTP server

  • Username and Password for the server

Step 1: Navigate to Integrations

Navigate to the Integrations screen by clicking on Integrations on the left nav bar

Step 2: Select New Integration

Click on New Integration on the top right

Step 3: Select KWI

Find and click on the KWI icon

Step 4: Create the Integration

  • Give your Integration a name

  • Enter the Host, Username and Password to connect to the SFTP Server for KWI

    • Click on the Test Connection to make sure the entered information works and Daasity can connect

  • Check the box for the files that KWI will deliver and enter the prefix for the files to make sure the files are mapped appropriately

  • Select the Commerce settings for KWI

  • Click on Create in the upper right once the fields have been completed

Step 5: Load Historical Data

Make sure KWI has sent over historical files and then you can load history

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