Integration Specifications

This page will help you learn about how Daasity replicates data from Cordial, limitations to the data we can extract and where the data is stored in the Cordial schema.

Integration Availability

Cordial is a cross-channel marketing and customer engagement platform for enterprise brands to send personalized email, SMS, mobile push notifications.

The Daasity Cordial integration enables merchants to extract key metrics from email, SMS and mobile push notifications to easily track performance for both bulk and triggered (automated) campaigns. Data is transformed as part of Daasity's Unified Notification Schema (UNS) that enables multi-platform reporting in one schema for merchants that leverage mutliple email / SMS platforms or have transitioned from one platform to another.

Integration Availability

This integration is available for:

  • Enterprise

Snowflake Data Share

The Daasity Cordial integration utilizes Snowflake Data Sharing functionality to share data between Cordial and Daasity. Using the Snowflake Data Sharing functionality, Daasity will provide data to the merchant in one of two methods

  • Merchant uses Snowflake: will create a direct data share between Cordial and Daasity that enable close to real-time replication

  • Merchant uses Redshift or BigQuery: uses a process to replicate data from an internal Daasity Snowflake database to the merchant Redshift or BigQuery

Cordial shares data in four (4) tables:





More information on these tables can be found at Cordial in their Snowflake Secure Data Sharing article

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