Integration Setup

To Connect Cordial to Daasity Please follow the steps below.

This integration is only available for Enterprise merchants

Determine database type

Daasity connects to Cordial using Snowflake Data Sharing functionality. The Database you use will determine the setup process for your Cordial data.

To find your Database type, navigate to the Warehouse section of the Daastiy App:

which will indicate which database you use:

  • BigQuery

  • Redshift

  • Snowflake

BigQuery & Redshift setup

If you use BigQuery or Redshift as your database, please contact with a request to connect Cordial to your database. Because we extract Cordial data through a Snowflake data share, Daasity will need to connect your Cordial account to the Daasity Snowflake account and then transfer data between our Snowflake and your BigQuery or Redshift account.

Snowflake setup

There are two different setup depending on if your Snowflake account is owned by Daasity or if you own your Snowflake account.

If your database says in the Server Host URL on the Warehouse page, then your Snowflake is owned by Daasity:

Daasity-owned Snowflake

To connect Cordial to a Daasity owned Snowflake please contact so that the Daasity team can connect your Cordial account to Snowflake.

Merchant-owned Snowflake

To connect Cordial to your owned Snowflake account, follow the "Request a secure share" section in the Cordial Snowflake Secure Data Sharing article.

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