Integration Setup

This article will show you how to setup your Attentive Mobile integration in the Daasity and Attentive Mobile platforms

In order to setup the integration with Attentive Mobile, you must reach out to your Merchant Success team at Attentive Mobile and complete these steps:

Step 1

Ask Attentive Mobile to setup an SFTP account on their SFTP server ( and create both a login and password (NOTE: this username / password is different from your regular Attentive Mobile login)

Step 2

Ask that Attentive Mobile upload the following files to the SFTP server on a daily basis. If you send the files below to your Merchant Success Manager at Attentive, they should know what to do:

Step 3

Ask Attentive Mobile to upload a historical version of these files through the SFTP server with a maximum size of 2GB.

Step 4

Login to Daasity and click Integrations -> New Integration

Step 5

Scroll down to the Attentive Mobile Logo and click it.

Step 6

Enter the SFTP server URL given to you by Attentive in to the Daasity app. The URL should look like:

Step 7

Enter the username and password for the SFTP server in to the Daasity app. The username and password will be provided by Attentive and be different from your regular Attentive Mobile login.

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