You can connect your Snowflake Warehouse to Daasity by following the steps below.

Choose I Already Have a Snowflake Account and click Continue Setup.

Enter Your Snowflake Account Information

Account URL:

Account Locator:

Account Edition:

If you have an Enterprise account, choose the Enterprise edition option so you may take advantage of the Snowflake automatic cluster scaling.

Enter Setup Credentials

These are the credentials of a user that has been granted the ACCOUNTADMIN role.

NOTE: This credential information is ONLY required during setup and will NOT be used again.

Daasity uses these credentials to set up the roles, users, etc required for Daasity.

Test the Credentials

The last step is to validate the credentials / settings are working properly. By clicking the Test Connection button, it will verify the Admin Credentials along with Access to the initial Compute Warehouse.

Review Settings

If the credentials work, you will be prompted to move along to the next step to Review the settings.

Credentials did NOT work

Typical mistakes which cause the validation to fail are:

  • Invalid credentials - username / password

  • Password or username must NOT contain the curly brace characters { or }

  • User does not have access to the compute warehouse

  • The Snowflake account may not be publicly accessible. If not, you will need to add the Daasity servers to the whitelist.

Once you have troubleshooted and Passed the Test Connection

We suggest using the Default Settings

Create Warehouse - Start the setup process

Click the [Create] button to start the setup process

The setup screen will show the progress:

When complete:

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