Add-on Dashboards and Explores

What are add-on dashboards and explores?

These are Base Daasity explores and dashboards that are disabled by default, either because they require a specific integration in your account to provide any value or because they are in a beta stage.

How do you enable add-on dashboards and explores?

To activate any of the add-ons listed on this page (see further down the page for lists of available add-ons), you need to add or uncomment the corresponding include statement in your /base_config/addons.lkml file. Once you do, any related explores will show up under your Base Daasity explore menu, and any related dashboards will show up toward the bottom of the list of LookML dashboards in your LookML Dashboards folder.

For example, to enable the Algolia explore & dashboard, you would uncomment the following line in your /base_config/addons.lkml file:

Integration-specific add-ons

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