Product Repurchase Rate


The Product Level Repurchase dashboard is designed to provide merchants with repurchase rates and days between purchases for specific SKUs. Rather than looking at repurchase rate at just the customer level (how often does a given customer come back and buy again, regardless of product), this dashboard shows repurchases made of the SAME product. Using this dashboard, merchants can answer the following questions:

  • How long does it take customers to repurchase a specific SKU? This information can be used in retention campaigns to decide when to send a follow up email to a customers based on the SKU they originally purchased.

  • How often do merchants repurchase the same SKU? This can be used in conjunction with the first bullet and with the Product Affinity visualization to determine what products should be displayed in retention campaigns.

How to use this dashboard effectively

The combined knowledge of which SKUs are repurchased more often as well as how long customers take between those repurchases is very powerful for your retention campaigns. This information allows you to better determine when to send an email / SMS or retarget an existing customer through another marketing vendor, as well as which products to show them. For merchants that do not have a subscription program it can also help determine if a subscription program would be well received, which products to offer on a subscription basis, and what shipment frequencies should be offered.

Data filters

The data in the following visualizations is filtered to only show SKUs that are in the top X of SKUs sold as well as other filters to control how much data is shown:

Repurchase Rate of Same SKU and Avg Days Between Purchase by SKU: Filtered to show SKUs in the top 10 of all SKUs sold

Days Between Any Order and Days Between 1st and 2nd Purchase of Same SKU: Filtered to show SKUs that are in the top 5 of all SKUs sold in the last 30 days

SKU Details: Filtered to show SKUs that have at least one repurchase


The Product Repurchase Rate dashboard will be available in your dashboard list by default.

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