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Test Data Warehouse Overview


Test data warehouses are a feature of Daasity you can use to create a temporary copy of your production database that can be used for testing new transformation code. Once you create one, you can choose to use the test warehouse when testing new workflows before running them on your production database.

Creating a test warehouse

You can create a test data warehouse directly from the Daasity app. Depending on the size of your production database, it will typically take a few minutes to a half an hour to provision your test warehouse.

Things to know about test warehouses

When you create a test warehouse, it's only a snapshot of the production warehouse at the time of provisioning. No new data will be loaded into it after it's created.
Test warehouses by default are set to self-destruct 1 week after creation. However, you can extend their life 1 week at a time. If you no longer need a test warehouse, you can destroy it whenever you are ready to do so.
Test warehouses are specific to each Daasity user. If you need to work on the same test warehouse as someone else on your team, you will need to share the warehouse credentials with them — they won't be visible to anyone except the person that created them.