Integration Setup

To connect Postscript to Daasity please follow the steps below.

Beta integration

Please note that this integration is currently in beta. These instructions may change as development continues.

Step 1: Request setup from Daasity

Please reach out to, and we will handled set up for you. We will establish a data share with Postscript and configure your integration once the data share is active. We will notify you once this is complete.

Redshift requires an additional step

If you are on Redshift, we will require you to set up a new user in order to be able to get you your Postscript data. We will reach out with more details.

BigQuery not currently supported

We do not yet have BigQuery support for this feature.

Step 2: Request history load

If you need history to be loaded for your Postscript data, please contact We have to wait until all data has been loaded by Postscript. Once it's available, we can kick off a history load.

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