Important Notes

Important things to know about the GA4 BigQuery integration


There are two schemas created by the GA4 BQ integration: ga4_bq_stg and ga4_bq


This is a staging schema for data extracted from your GA4 export tables in BigQuery

Many of the standard reports have 2 different tables: a _stg1 table and a _stg2 table. The difference between these tables is whether they were extracted from the daily export or the streaming export. Note: The multi-channel funnel report is the only report that isn't split out into 2 separate tables because the table contains data from both the daily and streaming export.

The _stg1 tables contain data from the fully processed daily export, while the _stg2 tables contain data from the real-time streaming export.

The _stg1 and _stg2 tables need to be blended to give a full picture of your data.


This is the destination schema for ga4_bq_stg data that has been prepped and stitched.

Currently there is only base code that transforms multi-channel funnel and hourly data from the ga4_bq_stg tables into the ga4_bq tables.

In the future, we will have base code that stitches data from the Landing Page, PDP Performance, Shopping Stage, Traffic, and Transactions data from the ga4_bq_stg schema into the ga4_bq schema. However, that code does not yet exist.

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