API vs BigQuery


In the Daasity app, you have two options for integrating Google Analytics 4:

Both integrations will populate your data warehouse with GA4 data, but they do so in different ways.

The API integration will pull your data from the GA4 Data API. The BigQuery integration will pull data from your GA4 BigQuery data export. The data from each of these integrations is used in different ways.

Which should you set up?

The short answer is: Both. We are using API data and BigQuery data in different places of our data model.

We are using API data to populate:

  • Traffic reporting

  • PDP performance reporting

  • Last-click transactions reporting

  • Shopping stage reporting

We are using BigQuery data to get you non-last click (first click, last ad click, last marketing click, assisted) attribution models.

We use BigQuery to get attribution information because this data is not made available in the GA4 API the same way that it was made available in the Universal Analytics API.

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