Integration Specifications

This article will help you learn about how Daasity replicates data from GA First Click, limitations to the data we can extract and where the data is stored in the GA First Click schema.

Integration Overview

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API enables you to request Multi-Channel Funnel data which is derived from conversion path data and shows user interactions with various traffic sources over multiple sessions prior to converting. This allows the merchant to analyze how multiple marketing channels influence conversions over time.

The Daasity V1 Google Analytics First Click Data extractor pulls a standard set of data via the Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting API. The Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting API is a report generation API and requires parameters to be passed into the API.

The API has limitations on the level of granularity that can be returned as follows:

  • Dimensions are limited to 7 per report

  • Metrics are limited to 10 per report

Daasity queries each report for each day which thus removes the need to include the ga:Date as a parameter and thus allowing the full 7 dimensions to be used.

Integration Availability

This integration is available for:

  • Enterprise

  • Growth

API Endpoints

The Daasity GA First Click extractor is built based on the Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting API. The following endpoint is used by Daasity to replicate data from GA:

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Click here to view the Daasity GA First Click integration illustrating the different tables and keys to join across tables.

GA First Click Schema

The Daasity GA First Click extractor creates these tables using the endpoints and replication methods listed. The data is mapped from source API endpoint to the table based on the mapping logic outlined in each table.


Multi-Channel Funnel

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