Important Notes

Important things to know when working with Google Ads data

No ad or ad group data for Performance Max and Smart Shopping campaigns

Our Google Ads extractor pulls ad-level data, but there are two exceptions: Performance Max and Smart Shopping campaigns. These types of campaigns do not contain any ad or ad group objects, so there will be no data for them in the or the adwords.adgroups tables. However, all details and performance metrics for these types of campaigns are available in the adwords.campaigns table.

This means that if you aggregate data from the or the adwords.adgroups tables, you will not see spend or any other performance metrics from Performance Max or Smart Shopping campaigns in your aggregations.

In our Google Ads transformation code, we blend performance data from the and the adwords.campaigns tables so that you can get ad-level performance data when possible, and campaign-level performance when it's not.

Learn more about Google Performance Max campaigns

Cost in raw data is in microdollars

Unlike in most marketing data sources, the cost values in the adwords schema tables are represented in microdollars — not dollars. This means you if you are doing custom development using the raw data, you will need to divide cost by 1,000,000 to get the dollar value.

conversion_value and other currency amounts in the adwords tables, however, are not in microdollars and do not need to be divided by 1,000,000.

Google Ads data transformed into the ums tables using our standard transformation code has already been converted from microdollars, and you will not need to divide by 1,000,000.

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