BigQuery Datasource

Purpose of this integration

The BigQuery Datasource integration isn't technically an integration — it's a utility that will be used by other integrations. It establishes credentials that will be used to access a BigQuery project that contains data you want to extract into Daasity.

Once you have a BigQuery Datasource set up, you will use it to grant access for one or more BigQuery Database integrations, which is where the data extraction will actually happen.

Once you've set up a BigQuery Datasource, it will show in this dropdown when creating a BigQuery Database integration:

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Create a service account for Daasity

In order for Daasity to be able to extract your GA4 BigQuery data, we need you to create a service account that we can use to give us read access.

If you haven't already created a service account for Daasity, you can start by navigating to

In the details section, use whatever name, ID, and description details you prefer:

Grant the service account BigQuery User and BigQuery Data Viewer roles:

Granting users access to the service account is entirely optional. This will just dictate what other Google Cloud Platform users can see this service account:

Finally, click DONE.

Step 2: Generate a service account key for the Daasity service account

The service account key will act as a password that will allow the Daasity service account access to your BigQuery data.

To generate it, first navigate to

Then, click on the email of the service account you created in the previous step:

On the next page, navigate to the KEYS tab:

Click ADD KEY and choose Create new key:

In the pop-up, choose JSON and click CREATE:

This should generate a .json file that will be downloaded to your computer. You will use this file in the next step.

Step 3: Add the service account key to the BigQuery Datasource

In this step, you're going to add the service account and key information you generated in the previous step in the General section of the integration settings:

Name: Enter the name that you will want to see in the UI and Datasource dropdowns elsewhere

Email: The service account email

JSON Service Key: Enter the info from the JSON key you generated in the previous step.

You have 2 choices of how to do this:

A. Drag the file you downloaded in Step 4 onto the screen where it says Drag file here, or

B. Open the file you downloaded in Step 4, copy the contents, click the Enter Key tab, and paste the contents

Once you have filled out all of this info, click CREATE in the upper right corner. You will now be able to select this datasource in new BigQuery Database integrations.

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