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Integration Specifications

This section will help you learn about how Daasity replicates data from Amazon Seller Central using the Amazon Selling Partner API

Integration Overview

Amazon started retiring the old MWS platform on July 31st, 2022 and using the new REST API platform also called the Selling Partner API.
This new rest API based platform is a great improvement on the old MWS platform as we have access to a much larger number of endpoints.
Daasity has migrated all old integrations to the new Selling Partner API and we are constantly building new functionality as Amazon releases new endpoints.

Integration Availability

This integration is available for:
  • Enterprise
  • Growth

API Endpoints

The Daasity Amazon Seller Central extractor is built based on this Amazon Seller Central API documentation. The following endpoints are used by Daasity to replicate data from Amazon Seller Central:

ERD & Integration Details

Each of the above endpoints is detailed in a separate document due to the size and complexity of the Amazon Selling Parter API. Follow these links to access the ERD and details for each endpoint: