The subscription dashboard is designed to give merchants both high level and detailed views into their subscription programs. The metrics in this dashboard can help you answer questions and make decisions such as:

  • Which products should we offer as a subscription?

  • Are customers that have a subscription more valuable than customers that have never had a subscription?

  • Should we push subscriptions to new customers or only existing customers?

  • Are AOV and Gross Margin / order better or worse for subscription orders? If it is too low should we think about raising prices / eliminating discounts?

  • Is the monthly churn rate acceptable? Why are customers churning from the subscription program?

Some of the important sections of this dashboard:

  • Summary Statistics (All Time) β€” The top section of the dashboard includes metrics designed to give you a high level view of the health your subscription program. Metrics like Total active subscribers / subscriptions, average subscriptions per subscriber, and average days from subscription start to cancel can give you an at-a-glance view into how your subscription program is growing and performing.

  • Subscription Metrics β€” The Subscription Metrics section contains some more details about the health of your subscription program. Note that this section IS filtered by the date range filter at the top of the dashboard.

  • Subscription Detail: Product, Marketing, Customer β€” This next section focuses on detailed subscription information at the monthly level.

  • Subscription Retention β€” The subscription retention table is an easier way to look at how long subscriptions are staying active for different cohorts (i.e., which month the subscription was started in). The two cancellation reason visualizations allow you to see why customers are cancelling their subscriptions.

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