Order and Order Line Revenue Explore

Contains Order Line Data from All Sales Channels, as well as attribution data, customer data and SKU Attribute Data.

The Majority of your reporting needs can be Built Using The Order and Order Line Revenue Explore. Daasity Recommends starting with this Explore when building Reports or The Transactional Sales Report Explore.

The Order and Order Line Revenue Explore will calculate Sales Metrics for Refunds as of the Order Date (NOTE: Shopify Sales are calculated as of the Return Date) For a true 1:1 comparison with Shopify Logic use the Transactional Sales Report Explore.

You can filter by Sales Channel (i.e. Shopify and Amazon Seller Central stores by using the Business Unit Dimensions (see below)

You can use the SKU Hierarchy Dimensions from your SKU Hierarchy tab in your BSD Sheet.

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