Netsuite is an enterprise software platform that handles accounting, financial management, customer relationship management, inventory management, human capital management, payroll, procurement and project management for small and medium sized businesses.


Available for Enterprise accounts only

Integration details

Daasity connects to NetSuite via an ODBC connector which requires SuiteAnalytics Connect to be enabled in the NetSuite instance. Some key notes on the Daasity method for data replication:

  • A user will be needed that has role permissions for SuiteAnalytics Connect. This user will access via ODBC and execute the data replication

  • Data replication is performed by running SQL queries against the NetSuite database

  • The DDL is read at time of initial setup and sets the definitions for all the tables. If tables are added, deleted or modified please contact Daasity Support

  • NetSuite enable 50 concurrent connections. Daasity monitors this and will use no more than 20 connections at a single time

SuiteAnalytics Connect (ODBC) vs API

SuiteAnalytics Connect (ODBC) is a faster method of replication from NetSuite than using an API based platform and will have a smaller impact on overall NetSuite performance

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