This article outlines the steps that you need to take to grant Daasity access to your Redshift instance


Daasity allows you to use your own Redshift or Snowflake instance as the destination for any of the source data extracted by the platform and for any transformations that the Daasity platform runs.

Daasity needs certain access and permissions in order to load and run transformation code on data in your instance. Details on how to setup for Redshift and Snowflake

Permissions in Redshift

Daasity needs to the following information and permissions:

  • The Redshift instance must be set to be publicly accessible

  • The following IP Addresses must be whitelisted with all access to the Database in order for Daasity to connect and load / transform data







  • A "SUPERUSER" must be created for Daasity which will allow Daasity to:

    • Setup the databases within your instance and create users

    • Manage permissions when new integrations are added and tables are created

    • Access system tables when trouble-shooting

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