Monitor Amazon Reports

To monitor the status of your Amazon Seller Central Reports please follow these instructions.

The Legend at the Top of the Table Defines the Report Status

ColorReport Status






Click a Report (Rectangle in the Table) to see the Report Status

Report Status Troubleshooting


An Active Report (Green) is a Report that has Successfully Updated. Processing Status = DONE


An Inactive (Orange) Report has been Deactivated.

Activate the Report by Clicking the Green Activate Button in the Top-Left Corner of the Screen


A Failed Report (Red) is a Report that Failed to Process most likely due to an Amazon API error.

Please Email: to troubleshoot a Failed Report

NOTE: If Processing Status = FATAL for multiple dates consecutively we recommend Deactivating the report and Contacting Amazon support.


A Cancelled Report (Yellow) has been Cancelled by Amazon due to Zero Data.

NOTE: If a Report has been Cancelled multiple times in a row. Deactivate the Report because Amazon has strict API limitations and attempting to run a Cancelled Report will bog down the system. Email to investigate further


A History(Grey) Report is a Report that is Still Loading Historical Data.

NOTE: Amazon API Limitations cause Historical Data to take Several Days to complete.

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