Timezones in Daasity

Timezones in your database

In Daasity, most of the raw, extracted data in your database will be in the UTC timezone. There are some exceptions such as Google Analytics, which only gives you the option to export data in the Google Analytics' property timezone.

The transformed data in your database and your Looker reports, on the other hand, reflect the timezone that you have specified in the Daasity app.

You can view which timezone your account is set to use by navigating to Account > Settings:

The timezone will be displayed under the Timezone & Currency section of the Settings screen:

If you need to change your timezone for any reason, we require that you contact support@daasity.com. The reason is that we will need to do a full reset of your data to ensure that it reflects the new timezone.

Timezones in Looker reporting

By default, the data you view in Looker will also reflect the timezone you have chosen in the Daasity app. The reason is that we turn off timezone conversion for all date-related fields by default to ensure that everyone on your team is looking at the data in the same way.

If you want to enable your Looker users to choose their own timezone, you can customize the Base Daasity code to enable timezone conversion for date-related fields. If you're on our shared Looker instance, you must also then contact support to have us specify the correct timezone in the Looker database connection. If you have your own Looker, you can do this on your own.

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