Vendor-Reported Marketing Performance


The Vendor-Reported Marketing Performance Dashboard allows you to dive into all of your integrated ad platform data in one all-encompassing dashboard. You can see marketing performance at the vendor, campaign, ad set, and ad level in one place.

All performance data is vendor-reported

Alll of the data in this dashboard is pulled straight from the vendor as you would see in their ad reporting UI. That means the order and revenue numbers will reflect results from the ad platforms' tracking pixels, which will not match up with Google Analytics and/or Shopify. This is expected.


This dashboard has cross-filtering enabled, which allows you to easily drill down and segment the entire dashboard with a few clicks. If you click on a vendor from the Vendor Performance tile, for example, the entire dashboard will filter to only show results for that specific vendor. You can continue segmenting to show only results for specific campaigns from that vendor, etc.


The Vendor-Reported Marketing Performance dashboard will be available in your dashboard list by default. If you do not have any marketing platform integrations enabled in Daasity, it will be blank.

Important notes

NULL ad and ad set names

You may see some ad names that are null in this dashboard. This is likely due to Google Ads data. If the ad does not have a name, it will be NULL. Additionally, all ad and ad group information will be NULL for performance max and smart shopping campaigns

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