Site Funnels


The Site Funnels dashboard illustrates the journey customers take from visit to becoming a transaction and can help you diagnose where conversion issues are occurring on your site. You can segment performance by device type, channel, and new vs. returning customers to help identify segment specific problems.

These mimic the old ecommerce Shopping Performance reports from Universal Analytics (RIP). Like the Universal Analytics reports, these reports are all session-based, rather than user-based. This is important to note because session-based funnel reporting is not available in the Google Analytics 4 UI.

Data sources

All of the visualizations on this dashboard use the Shopping Stage explore. This explore contains data from Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, which are blended into our Universal Traffic Schema (UTS). -> Learn more about how we blend UA and GA4 data in UTS.


This dashboard will be enabled by default. However, it will contain no data if you don't have a Google Analytics and/or a Google Analytics 4 via API integration.

Important notes

The Shopping Stage explore and dashboard use sessions as their primary metric. Since the GA4 data API only provides session estimates, you will likely see some variation between these reports and the numbers you will see in the GA4 reporting interface. -> Learn more about understanding discrepancies between Daasity and the GA4 reporting interface.

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