Vendor-Reported Attribution

Vendor-Reported attribution shows the performance metrics straight from your marketing platforms. It is only available in the Marketing Attribution and Vendor-Reported Marketing Performance explores.

Vendor-Reported numbers will almost always show higher performance when compared with other attribution models. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. Vendors will register credit for a conversion regardless of where they land in the path to purchase. So, for example, if you have a customer who clicks on a Google ad, then a Facebook ad, then an email, and then purchases, both Google and Facebook will register a conversion in their platforms (assuming that they fall within your specified attribution window in the platform).

  2. Vendors may include viewthrough conversions in their reported conversion numbers. A viewthrough conversion is when someone views your ad, doesn't click on it, but still later converts. Depending on the platform and the attribution model you're using in your ad platform, Vendor-Reported attribution may include viewthrough conversions. There is no way to track viewthrough conversions outside of the ad platforms.

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