Survey-Based Attribution

This model is useful if you want to get information straight from the user on how they first heard about your brand. The benefit of this is you're getting attribution info that doesn't rely on cookies or dealing with technical tracking limitations. The downsides are that (1) not every customer will provide this information and (2) customers may misremember how they truly originally heard about your brand.

Survey-Based attribution relies on information submitted from your customers through post-purchase surveys. For example, if your customer answers the "How did you hear about us?" question in a Fairing post-purchase survey, this information will be reflected in Survey-Based attribution dimensions.

There are a few survey-based attribution dimensions available in the Order Attribution view:

  • Survey Response — This is the verbatim response submitted to the "How did you hear about us?" survey question.

  • Survey-Based Channel & Survey-Base Vendor — These are the channel and vendor values derived from the contents of each individual survey response. We have logic in our transformation code that outputs specific channel and vendor values based on words included in the user's response.

Customizing Survey-Based channel and vendor values

The logic for deriving the channel and vendor values from the individual survey responses is hard-coded in our standard transformation code.

If you are an Enterprise merchant with access to GitHub, you can create a custom version of script 200_CHN_BAS_stg_self_reported_channel.sql with updated logic. Once you have the custom script, you would replace the reference to the original script in your daily_incremental.yml with a reference to your new custom script. This will allow you to customize the logic used for these dimensions.

Orders without Survey-Based attribution info

Not 100% of your customers will answer the post-purchase survey, so a significant number of your orders will not have info available in the survey-based attribution dimensions. If the order does not have a post-purchase survey associated with it in Fairing, these dimensions will all be NULL.

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